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Even well inland, I have a feeling you'll need it as these idiots begin to trickle into your area.

Kidding aside, I was in FL for Jeanne (or maybe it was Frances?) and that thing was a cat 1 that was supposed to scoot by the coast. Like 8 hours after they said that, it came ashore as a cat 3. These people tracking and predicting all mean well, but no one, and I mean no one has any clue what's going to happen. Just accept that is a fact and move forward.

Anyone who isn't considering the possibility that this comes into Flushing/Lido/Long beach or Jones beach or something as an usually large size wise, strong cat 1 or cat 2 is deluding themselves.

Don't listen to the chuckleheads that are flooding NYC message boards and local conversation.

Don't be them.

It's almost unspeakably awesome. Again, as Keynes's biographer Lord Skidelsky said of the first one, the treatment of Keynes is fair. To paraphrase his quote so I don't have to look it up, "It's a fair depiction of J.M. Keynes. It may not be everything he ever said, but everything he says in it is accurate".

It's waaaay better than the first one, production-wise, and with a "surprise" ending that's no surprise at all, but is satirically biting.

It was actually pretty good. I saw it last night. While I personally have some direct disagreement with Rand on a few key aspects of her philosophy, and you know, the fact she thought voluntaryist governance was for the "crazy libertarians" ... I simply couldn't believe the movie was rated so badly by critics. It's lower than Gigli at rotten tomatoes for crying out loud. After seeing it, it's hard to overstate how absurd that is.

It's not a Christopher Nolan flick, but few are. It's a content thing, and there is no doubt about that in my mind whatsoever after seeing it. Critics in Hollywood are simply so disgusted by the ideas the protagonists have, that they may as well have been playing scenes out of Main Kampf as far as Ebert was concerned.

The other thing I think people run into is forgetting that *at the time* of the book, it was dominant opinion that the Soviets had a more efficient and "better" system than the US. This is something people don't really remember any more, but should. Especially as they watch this with the idea Rand attacks "straw-men" in the back of their minds. Those straw men were once real.

They still are to a lesser degree.

Still, this is a pretty funny idea executed well.


So let me get this right. Wonks and beltway wankers are falling over themselves trying to give us "some insight" into what "could possibly be going in Libya." What are the causes, what is the US doing? It's all so mysterious man.

Not really. It's a puppet state run in conjunction with global banking interests. I know, I'm crazy, right? Not as crazy as those Libyan "rebels" though. I mean, those guys used a little of the time between bombings in the middle of getting their asses shot off to establish a central bank. You know. The normal rebel with a rifle overthrowing the man type stuff.

The shadowy and notorious "they" are slapping us in the face with their wangs at this point. We're all crashed after the party, getting Roman War Helmets from some giggling gang of bullies as we pretend to not notice.

I thought I told you so was supposed to feel *good*?




US President John Tyler (born 1790), has not one, but two living grandsons through his son Lyon Gardiner Tyler (born 1853). Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr., was born in 1924, and Harrison Ruffin Tyler was born in 1928.



Here we have the state doing what it does best. Blatant lies, threats of violence, property theft, and some harpy with a chance to pretend she can kick someone's ass for a moment, posturing away ... all in one short video, on the twilight zone.

Mary Ruwart, Patri Friedman, Gary Chartier, Peter Klein, Lawrence Reed, Stefan Molyneux and many others are having an online seminar all weekend, and it looks pretty fantastic at first glance. The topics range from economics and money, to activism and agorism, to entrepreneurial subjects. I saw this on reddit, and thought I'd pass it along to people here in case anyone wanted to participate. It's completely free.


Today at 4 EDT, there is a lecture titled "How To Survive with Ham Radio When the Internet is Set to Kill".

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